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HARDI Commander

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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Maximum capacity

With up to 10,000 litre capacity, ISOBUS, AutoSection, precise rate control, and many more features, COMMANDER delivers unbeatable performance and productivity.

Excellent suspension gives unsurpassed boom stability, with steel and PARAGON Aluminium options from 30 m through to an acre-eating 48.5 m on 8500 and 10000 litre models.

Well-proven and popular, COMMANDER is built around intelligent control technology and convenient operation, to deliver precise chemical application for hectare after hectare and year after year.

Brilliant boom choices

The COMMANDER range converts capacity into productivity with a choice of wide, high-performing HARDI booms.

For width without weight, COMMANDER will mount HARDI PARAGON Aluminium booms from 36.5 m to 42.5 m and, and our largest 48.5 m boom on COMMANDER 8500 or 10000 models.

Strong, rigid steel booms are available in widths from 30 m to 36 m (FORCE) and 36 m to 42 m TERRAFORCE.

Or, for the ultimate in weather-defying drift control, COMMANDER is also compatible with HARDI’s remarkable TWIN air spraying system.

Your preferred controller

With full ISOBUS compatibility built in at the factory, COMMANDER is ready for your choice of spray computer and control system.

The HARDI HC 9600 combines performance and precision in a tough 12.1″ colour touchscreen, or the HC 8600 offers similar features on an 8.4″ screen. Both take care of guidance mapping, steering, autosection, application rate, boom height, auto wash, and more.

Secondary functions such as pressure, auto rate, foam marker, boom fold, etc, can be managed via the push-button HC 6400 SetBox.

More accurate application

COMMANDER uses the DynamicFluid4 pressure management system, which is able to measure changes in the system and proactively adjust fluid pressure to demand.

DynamicFluid4 can be partnered with the robust HC 5500 controller, to provide accurate rate control without using onboard JobCom.

ActivAir nozzle ON/OFF switching is also available for instant, drip free nozzle control. The system allows fluid pressure to be maintained in the boom when the nozzles are off, so accurate spraying begins as soon as the nozzle is activated – perfect for AutoSection switching and starting runs out of headlands.

Simple, logical systems

COMMANDER has a simple, logical fluid system and a centralized WorkZone, making it very easy to set up, clean and maintain.

The WorkZone is managed with just two taps and a SmartValve pressure selector, conveniently co-located with the filling point, filters, hand rinse tank and other vital functions.

There is a single bank of grease nipple for the entire sprayer, a safety locker, and a convenient steel work platform at the front of the sprayer.

Design and construction

The COMMANDER chassis is welded from high tensile steel here in Australia, ensuring exceptional strength and relatively low weight.

The unique design of the axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance. No brake rods or steering components are lower than the axle. This  gives COMMANDER the lowest possible centre of gravity without compromising clearance under the sprayer.

All cabling, wires and hoses are mapped for each model. Routing is primarily made in cable trays, and these trays are designed so that wires and cable hoses are kept separate from hoses which might move as pressure is added and relieved.

Service area

Easy tank inspection  The main tank lid is located close to the steel access platform at the front of the sprayer, to allow safe and easy inspection of the tank. The tank design gives the operator excellent visibility of both the sides and the bottom of the tank.

COMMANDER 5500 and 7000 have an integrated footstep and a safety handle built into the inspection platform. A fold-down ladder is also installed for ease of access.


The HARDI SafeTrack is available as an option on the COMMANDER. This revolutionary design merges the benefits of traditional systems into one high performance tracking solution, so that there is no need to choose between a tight turning radius and good stability.

With SafeTrack, wheel track widths down to 1500 mm on a 300 mm wide tyre are possible. This can be done without safely, and with compromising the sprayer’s manoeuverabiity.

Axles, brakes and crop protection

Excellent crop clearance  The axles and brake system is designed so that no components, like brake arms or cylinders, are lower than the main axle.

Underbelly protection  An underbelly crop protection shield is also built in as standard. This shield protects cables and hoses on the sprayer, and protects the crop from catching on corners or edges under the sprayer.

The shield can be is easily removed to gain access for service.

Hydraulic suspension

Powerful hydraulic cylinders absorb driving loads instead of transferring them to the boom and tractor. This ensures operator comfort and good application at high speeds. Compact suspension system permits track width down to 1.5 m, with tyres up to 300 mm wide.

These hydraulics are adjusted to the tank and boom configuration at the factory, to give the optimum ride without compromising clearance under the sprayer.


The HARDI ParaLift ensures high clearance above any crops  The long lift arms allow for very flexible height adjustment, the boom can be adjusted from 40 cm to 220 cm, depending on sprayer wheel combination.

The 100 cm width between attachment points makes attachment of the boom very stable.

TWIN FORCE, DELTA FORCE and TERRA FORCE booms have no built-in suspension, so each ParaLift cylinder is connected to an accumulator with a preloaded pressure to suit the boom’s weight.

Main tank

The COMMANDER’s main tank is designed to be much wider at the bottom than the top, to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The tank floor is also sloped so liquid moves forward as the tank is emptied, helping to maintain weight over the drawbar.

This all helps to keep the sprayer stable and ensure the tractor has good traction, even when spraying up slopes with a near-empty tank.

Rinse tank

A 500 litre rinse tank is built into all COMMANDER models, to provide plenty of clean water for washing the sprayer inside and out.

Because the rinse tank is typically the last tank to be emptied, it is located over the sprayer’s main axle to preserve the centre of gravity and stability.

A 1″  filling point is built into the WorkZone and a level indicator is located on the front of the sprayer to help with managing water levels through the various cleaning stages.


All primary functions needed to operate the sprayer for filling and cleaning have been combined into two large pump control handles in the centre of the WorkZone.

These logically placed handles and their easy-to-read colour-coded icons make the system very easy to understand and operate.

The SmartValve system greatly reduces start-up and clean-up time when operating NAVIGATOR.


NAVIGATOR features HARDI’s new 364 and 464 model diaphragm pumps. These offer several improvements, including redesigned cylinder heads to reduce pressure drops by improving flow in the diaphragm tops. The pumps are:

  1. Self-priming

  2. Able to run dry without damage

  3. Easy to service

  4. Grease-lubricated crankcase

For easier service there are new integrated lifting hooks and the greasing points for the front and rear bearings have been moved to the front of the pump. The cast conrod support ring has also been redesigned to improve durability.

Most obviously, new black covers protect the pump from mud and water.

EasyClean filter

The EasyClean filter is a high capacity suction filter. The condition of the filter can be constantly monitored via a SafeSpray vacuum gauge.

This ensures that the filter is only cleaned as needed. Simply twisting the lid through 90° will simultaneously close the inlet valve and open the filter for inspection.


The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique  pressure filter that uses a high-speed circular flow for powerful self-cleaning. This ‘cyclone’ action increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, making the self-cleaning action much more effective.

The CycloneFilter also has a boost function allowing the filter to be flushed when needed.

The filter’s design means it can be mounted upright, reducing the risk of spills and pressure loss during inspections.


The HARDI TurboFiller can handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High pressure water creates a powerful rotation inside the hopper, thoroughly mixing powder or liquid before it is sucked into the sprayer. Maximum capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

A spring-loaded bracket lowers the TurboFiller to a convenient height for filling. It then lifts back up against the side of the COMMANDER for spraying.

Intuitive touchscreens

HARDI’s HC 8600 and HC 9600 spray controllers keep all vital spraying functions at your fingertips. By combining a robust and bright colour touchscreen with multi-function joystick, these controllers deliver the highest levels of performance.

The HC 8600 and HC 9600 are both fully  ISOBUS compatible and can be used to control a variety of intelligent machine functions such as AutoWash and PrimeFlow, or the owner can control the sprayer via their preferred ISOBUS terminal.

HC 8600 / HC 9600

The HC 9600 and HC 8600 controllers have similar features – the HC 9600 using a high-definition 12.1″ touchscreen and the HC 8600 using a more compact 8.4″ touchscreen.

Both controllers display intuitive tools and real time mapping, as well as guidance, data logging, application reports, GPS controlled spraying, automated steering and more.

Having a single, integrated and purpose-designed workscreen makes it easy to manage critical spraying functions such as GeoSteer, AutoTerrain/ AutoHeight/AutoSlant and AutoSection Control, as well as guidance and dosing.

HC 6500

The HC 6500 is a purpose-built spray computer designed by HARDI, for HARDI sprayers. The colour display gives a clear, up-the-minute picture of the spray job, and all commonly used function switches are grouped onto the HARDI JoyStick for easy operation.

For simplicity, the HC 6500 connects to the tractor via a single cable.

Secondary spray and boom functions, such as AutoSlant, AutoHeight and AutoTerrain, boom folding, and more can be controlled through a co-mounted HC 6400 switchbox.


DynamicFluid4 (DF4) is a powerful, pre-emptive pressure controller that ensures fast, precise control of the spray application rate.

Using  four auto-redundant sensors to monitorifluid pressure, fluid flow, pump rpm and its own valve position, the DF4 controller detects changes that will affect flow at the nozzles (an rpm change, for example) and proactively adjusts system pressure to compensate.

With response rates that far exceed stringent European requirements, DynamicFluid4 is ideal for maintaining target rate through speed changes, cornering, AutoSection switching and turning in headlands.

EFC boom section valves

The ElectricFastControl (EFC) is a modular system with a positive drive motor valve for each section, plus a single pressure dump valve for when all sections are selected OFF.

The system provide simple, effective pressure to each boom section, and relieves line pressure to the nozzles when a section is switch off. This results in instant shut-off at the nozzles, with no pressure to force drips or leaks.

The EFC does not require pressure equalisation or any other form of adjustment.


The AutoWash feature gains maximum cleaning effect from the rinse water. Up to six rinse circles reduce  residual concentration to a very low level, so there is virtually no risk of left over chemicals contaminating the next spraying job.

AutoWash can be activated from the HC 9600 or the FluidBox controller.

AutoAgitation / TankGauge

AutoAgitation is a standard feature with AutoFill and/or AutoWash.

When filling, AutoAgitation ensures maximum Fast-Filler capacity. The computer then regulates agitation to prevent foaming and minimise liquid residues as the tank is emptied. Different program can be selected for optimal agitation and a manual override is possible from the FluidBox.

TankGauge is an electronic tank contents sensor with which displays the tank content level on the HC 9600. A warning for low tank level can also be set up. This feature is included with AutoAgitation.


AutoSectionControl automatically opens and closes boom section to avoid repeat spraying when passing over a sprayed area – such as in headland or while avoiding obstacles in the field.

The HC8600 and HC9600 both have AutoSectionControl as a standard feature and only need to be connected to a GPS receiver. When spraying, the AutoSectionControl will automatically record the areas that have been sprayed then close sections as the boom passes back over the same ground.


PrimeFlow is a pressure based system for curculating liquid to the nozzles before actual spraying starts. It prevents sedimentation and permits flushing the boom lines without spraying onto the ground.

Nozzles per boom section can be configured to the spray job, and these sections can be reconfigured as needed.

The controls are at the nozzle, which is ideal for making effective use of RinseTank water when cleaning the sprayer in the field.

Boom management systems

The HARDI AutoSlant, AutoHeight and AutoTerrain systems automatically deliver optimum boom ride. Aong with more recise spraying this helps improve the life of the boom and sprayer through reduced movement forces and near-zero chance of ground strike.

The systems also provide:

  1. Robust and precise ultrasonic sensors

  2. Choice of soil, crop or hybrid height modes

  3. Proportional valve for smooth movements (AutoHeight, AutoTerrain)

  4. Slant, tilt and height correction (AutoHeight, AutoTerrain)

  5. Slant and height correction (AutoSlant)

  6. AutoTerrain proactively responds to the causes of boom movement, rather than just the boom movement itself.


When it comes to aluminium boom experience and know-how, HARDI is the market leader.

With 30 years’ experience in optimising lighter, stronger and wider Pommier Aluminium boom set-ups we offer farmers real advantages in field performance, reliability and durability – as well as weight reduction.

With aluminium boom wings weighing half as much as an equivalent steel structure, and our expertise in setting up  Pommier Yaw dampening, the load and forces transferred to the centre during spraying are significantly reduced.

COMMANDER is available with PARAGON booms from 36.5 m to 48.5 m.


The HARDI TERRA FORCE boom offers the ultimate in strength, performance and capacity when it comes ot conventional steel booms.

TERRAFORCE is mounted on our unique AutoTerrain centre, which ensures boom stability in all field conditions and supports higher spraying speeds.

COMMANDER is offered with TERRA FORCE booms from 36 m to 42 m in width.


The ultimate in capacity, weather independence and application technology.

When growing crops, the need to spray on time is often at odds with the prevailing winds and weather conditions.

Field-proven and continuously refined over almost 40 years, the HARDI TWIN system helps overcome the weather by using a curtain of high pressure air behind the spray nozzles. The operator can control of the speed and angle of this air, to cover the target plant from top to bottom. with minimal drift.

FORCE boom

The popular and well-proven FORCE boom is a robust steel boom available in widths from 30 m to 36 m.

These booms offer excellent handling in the field, thanks to yaw dampening control and inertia-based suspension. The trapeze centre uses dynamically linked coil springs to give the boom its smooth ride and stability.

The boom also features hydraulic wing tilt so the tip can be lifted over obstacles, or over fences while turning in headland.

Three-way folding keeps the boom short and compact for transportation.

More time to spray

Spray drift from a conventional sprayer can be so strong that the operator has to stop before having the spray job done. Efficient drift control makes it much easier to get finished.

Typically, a farmer can gain twice as many hours of spraying with the TWIN system. In studies of a typical Spring season, only 31 days were suitale for conventional spraying while 45 additional days would be viable with TWIN.

TWIN means more spray opportunities, reduced drift, reduced chemical usage, accurate placement and faster spraying speeds – for improved efficiency.

RANGER can be operated with a 12 m or 15 m TWINSTREAM boom.

Save up to 30%

Many trials have shown a better chemical efficacy using TWIN, making it possible to reduce chemical consumption by up to 30% through a growing season.

  1. Save up to 30% on chemicals

  2. Reduce drift

  3. Improve crop penetration

  4. Improve spraying economy

  5. Reduce water consumption

  6. Safely increase spraying speeds

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