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Equalizer Precision Seeding Equipment

Central Ag Equipment are proud to announce that we are a stocking dealer for Equalizer Precision Seeding Equipment.

The Equalizer Tine Seeder has been tested & proven in Australia’s tough sowing conditions & offers a variety of options to suit your specific soil needs for accurate seed depth & fertiliser placement. The Equalizer Tine Seeder bar is available in 9m, 12m, 15m, 18m & 24m seeder bar widths with 273mm or 300mm tine spacing options. There’s an Equalizer Tine Seeder for every farming operation!

More Options to Suit Your Soil Needs

With the high costs of seed and inputs in the seeding process, accuracy in seed placement for germination and harnessing the available soil moisture is critical for maximising the return in yields. The Equalizer Tine Seeder has a variety of options to suit your specific soil needs including single or double chute seeding boots, 4 tine knife points, 2 press wheel alternatives, fertiliser placement options and seed depth control.

Tine knife point options

Choosing the right tine knife point for your application is key in achieving the correct soil penetration and disturbance, opening the furrow and accurately placing the fertiliser. Equalizer offer 4 alternative knife points that cater for varying soil conditions.

Liquid fertiliser application behind the knife is also offered as required.

  1. Short Narrow: maximum depth of 75mm, can imitate disc seeder level of disturbance.

  2. Narrow 10mm: for minimal soil disturbance.

  3. 16mm: extra durability in hard, rocky conditions.

  4. Aerator: for soils prone to compaction and where knife point tends to smear side walls.

Press wheel options

Press wheel soil closure is the final important part of the seeding process to firm up the furrow, leave a clean finish and maximise soil to seed contact. Choosing the correct press wheel is as important as choosing the right tine knife. Press wheels are mounted to a dampened block that allows for slight lateral swing, designed to manage rough surface conditions and assist in prolong parallelogram longevity.

Equalizer offer 2 factory optioned wheels: Narrow 70mm Solid Flat Rounded wheels & Wide 150mm Flat Wedge for sandy/cultivated soils.

Seeding boot options

There are two seeding boot options: standard single chute, single banding boot, and the twin chute, paired row boot, 60mm in width.

Liquid fertiliser option

Liquid fertiliser can be deposited utilising the space in front of the fertiliser tube or behind the seed boot utilising the metering tube design method. Enquire with us for more information applicable to your requirements.

Seed Placement

The fertiliser and seed placement operate between two semi-independent parts of the tine unit. The granular fertiliser tube is placed behind the knife to protect it from oncoming obstacles and positions the fertiliser below the seed bed at a depth of 150mm for maximum effect. Liquid fertiliser application is also offered and can be deposited in front of the fertiliser tube or behind the seed boot.

Quick Seed Adjustment Clip

Equalizer have developed a unique system to allow the operator to make finite adjustments in seed depth, all at the touch of the spring loaded, depth adjustment clip. Changing the seed depth requires minimal to no tools. With 5 coarse depth adjustments and 4 half adjustments, your seed depth accuracy will never fail!

The Equalizer Tine Seeder Frame

The Tine Seeder bar is available in widths of 9m, 12m, 15m, 18m and 24m with in-frame, large floatation wheels which allow for better straight-line tracking, especially on fields with inclination. Equalizer Tine Seeders, excluding 24m, run on 3m wheel tracks. The strength and durability of the bar comes from the use of Domex steel throughout tine units and a 10mm thick frame. Its fair to say they’ve engineered the 9m frame through to the 24m frame to be as structurally solid and long lasting as you’d ever need!

Hydraulic Break Out Tines

The assembly includes a semi-independent break away on the tines. Tines can clear small obstacles without changing the seed depth or press wheel downforce. When a larger obstacle is encountered, the entire assembly will trip to avoid damage. The hydraulic cylinder circuit is also equipped with a built-in damper accumulator, this allows for a controlled return of the tine after tripping. Breakout force is user adjustable for optimum performance, as required.


Transport is made simple and safe with hydraulic folding wings in either 3 section fold or 5 section fold depending on bar width. Transport width, excluding 24m, is set at 6m wide and a maximum of 5.2m high.

Frame Options On-Frame Tank

Equalizer Tine Seeder frames have been uniquely and robustly designed to allow for the addition of either 2 or 3 seed tanks, on frame.

Tanks can be used to meter seed, granular product or liquid product. Tank capacities range in either 4500L (2250-2250) or 6150L (2250-1650-2250). The on frame tank option is handy for the operator who has tight paddocks and/or require additional capacity to couple up with their existing cart.

Hydraulic Coulters

The Equalizer coulter system can be used in conjunction with the tine unit for better residue clearance. • 560mm large cutting disc • Slight lateral swing • Sealed SKF Agri Hub

For more information:

Scott Allen 0475 943 338 Email:

Vaughan Habner 0427 873 075 Email:

Mark Dickinson 0427 641 435 Email:

Jarrad Manners 0438 994 612 Email:

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