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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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Ergonomics, Visibility and Optimization

Long spraying days and nights, and higher spraying speeds, all place heavy demands on comfort and eas of operation.

ALPHA evo features a fine balance between front and rear and has a low total weight giving an optimal weight/capacity ratio and high performance even under wet field conditions.

A high ground clearance from 120 to 165 cm allows for flexible usage over low and tall crops, including sweet corn and sunflowers.

Optimized visibility with 3-pillar design

The new large spacious EvoCab II has been specifically developed by HARDI with our ‘3-pillar design’, which sets a new standard of visibility through more than 320° around the sprayer.

The cabin is equipped with a pressurisation system plus dust, aerosol and vapor filtering of fresh air, to protect the driver and meet Class 4 requirements.

The new climate control system has been tested intensively in a climate chamber to ensure driver comfort in the hottest conditions.

FloatRide suspension

The new ALPHA evo features FloatRide, replacing the earlier standard of coil spring suspension with airbags. This ensures even better boom stability and helps keep ALPHA balanced on steep slopes. Chassis height is maintained regardless of tank volume.

By allowing for individual wheel movement of up to 185 mm ALPHA provides maximum comfort, even at high spraying speeds.


Designed to overcome the limitations associated with high speeds on the road and in the field, the ALPHA chassis achieves the maximum working comfort.

The chassis is made of high tensile steel (DOMEX® Swedish steel) and consists of U-shaped beams with riveted cross-members to offer lightness and flexibility.

The position of the main components (engine, main tank, rinsing tank, tanks, pump etc.) has been specially studied to optimize the weight distribution between the front and rear axles, which guarantees the best driveability and preserves the soil structure.

All the variable loads are situated at the centre of the machine.

Track width and height

ALPHA evo can be delivered with a choice of track widths to suit the tramlines or other requirements of its owner’s operations.

Available track widths range from a minimum of 182 cm to a maximum of 365 cm with standard 380/90 R46 tires.

ALPHA evo provides a 120 cm ground clearance with these standard tyres. Higher ground clearance is available as an option, giving ALPHA evo a total clearance of up to 165 cm with standard tyres.

Steering systems

Four-wheel drive / two- and four-wheel steering Three different steering systems make the ALPHA evo versatile in operation.A foot pedal activates four-wheel steering for tight turns in headlands, to help protect crops. Once the next spray line is entered, the rear wheels re-align automatically.

For on-road driving, rear wheel steering is locked and normal front-wheel steering is used. On slopes, the use of crab mode steering can be used ot steer aginst the rear wheels and stabilize track following.

Turning radius

The ALPHA evo has a turn radius of just 4.62 m in four-wheel steering mode (based on a 2 m track width and measured at the centre of the machine).

This helps reduce crop damage when turning in headlands, and helps to maximize manoeuvrability and land use in small fields.

The wheel base is 3.75 m which keeps the machine stable when driving and in rough terrain. Four-wheel steering is possible with boom folded.

Superb surface treatment

The high-technology surface treatment contains 13 treatments, including a pre-treatment and powder coat painting of all major components.

Together with the Delta/Magni treatment of nuts, bolts and other items, ALPHA evo is highly protected against the corrosive effects of both moisture and agricultural chemicals.

Deutz Stage IV / Tier 4 final

High torgue and low fuel consumption

The ALPHA evo is powered by a water-cooled 6-cylinder inline engine with turbocharging, charge air cooling and cooled external exhaust gas recirculation. Two-stage turbocharging meets the highest performance requirements.

Engine and exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) is optimised for total system efficiency with minimised fuel and total operating costs.

The powerful DEUTZ Common Rail (DCR®) injection system and the electronic engine control (EMR 4) with intelligent link to the drive management (EcoDrive) ensure optimum engine performance with a low fuel consumption.

Access to engine

The best accessibility on the market

Service and maintenance of the ALPHA evo is very easy and practical.

The bonnet is opened by tipping the hydraulic hand pump, to give easy access to the main engine components. Checking oil levels and the various filters is done very quickly.

There is also excellent access to the 400 l diesel fuel tank on the right side of the sprayer.


High flexibility and low fuel consumption

The EcoDrive management system provides more power flexibility for managing torque on slopes, with less noise and better than a 30% lower fuel consumption.

The ALPHA evo has two controllable axial piston pumps driven by the engine. These  provide the hydrostatic drive with hydraulic power so the sprayer operator can adapt their forward speed to the conditions and the crop.

The EcoDrive speed limiter will maintain a consistent driving speed with comfortable regulation and a constant low engine speed. For very hilly conditions, optional transmissions can provide 25% or 50% of extra torque.

All new EvoCab

Visibility, Ergonomics, Optimization

The spacious new EvoCab uses HARDI’s own ‘3-pillar design’ to provide a clear view for more than 320° around the sprayer.

The pressurised cabin is equipped with dust, aerosol and vapor filitration to protect the driver and meet Class 4 standards.

All switches needed for operating the ALPHA evo are placed as close as possible to the driver, while all primary switch functions are incorprated into the new SprayCenter.

Secondary switch functions are grouped on the roof just above the operator’s head, within easy reach of the driver’s seat.

All feature of the EvoCab have been optimized for comfort and performance.

Automatic climate control, spaciousness, sound levels and Class 4 filtering have all been developed to provide maximum comfort and minimum stress under all conditions.

HARDI SprayCenter

The driver can operate all spray and hydraulic functions directly from the ALPHA cab, using the SprayCenter located by the right-hand arm rest.

The SprayCenter moves with the driver’s seat, ensuring the controls are always within easy reach.

An HC 9600 12.1’’ touch screen controller integrates all electronic functions including AutoTrack, AutoHeight, AutoSectionControl and other intelligent features such as AutoFill, AutoWash, AutoAgitation, etc.


All primary functions needed for filling and cleaning are easily accessed via the ALPHA evo WorkZone. A logically placed FluidBox with colour-coded icons helps keep the system clear and safe  to operate. This greatly reduces set-up and clean-up times.

  1. Easy and convenient

  2. All functions grouped together

  3. Colour coded for safety

  4. Self-fill connections

  5. Remote engine throttle and pump controls

  6. 15 l CleanWater tank

A 180 l onboard chemical storage locker is standard.

EasyClean filter

The EasyClean filter is a high capacity suction filter. The condition of the filter can be constantly monitored via a SafeSpray vacuum gauge.

This ensures that the filter is only cleaned as needed. Simply twisting the lid through 90° will simultaneously close the inlet valve and open the filter for inspection.


The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique  pressure filter that uses a high-speed circular flow for powerful self-cleaning. This ‘cyclone’ action increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, making the self-cleaning action much more effective.

The CycloneFilter also has a boost function allowing the filter to be flushed when needed.

The filter’s design means it can be mounted upright, reducing the risk of spills and pressure loss during inspections.


The HARDI TurboFiller can handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High pressure water creates a powerful rotation inside the hopper, thoroughly mixing powder or liquid before it is sucked into the sprayer. Maximum capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

A spring-loaded bracket lowers the TurboFiller to a convenient height for filling. It then lifts back up against the side of the COMMANDER for spraying.

DynamicFluid4 liquid system

The fluid system on the ALPHA evo is a new concept developed to obtain shorter response time and more precise application in the field.

In a traditional fluid system, regulation is driven by what is already ‘historical’ data. For example if RPM is increased, the flow will immediately become too high at the nozzle. The spray computer will quickly regulate the excess pressure but the application rate will have been elevated in the meantime.

The DynamicFluid4 system can calculate the impact of increasing RPMs and regulate the pressure instantly. This pro-active property is based on four sensors in the fluid system measuring RPM, regulation valve position, flow rate and pressure. Using new software and a unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 offers market-leading performance and precise rate control.

Main Tank / RinseTank

The Main Tank has a low profile and a deep sump ensuring a low centre of gravity. Its position between the axles preserves the sprayer’s centre of gravity regardless of fill level.

The deep sump means the chemical agitation is very effective, and the tank can be completely emptied on slopes of up to 10 degrees.

The Rinse Tank (410 l on APLPHA 3500/4100 and 600 l on ALPHA 5100) is integrated into the Main Tank and can be filled from the platform or ground level. The capacity is ample for cleaning the sprayer inside and outside.

With its smooth internal profile, no part of the Main Tank is shielded from the rinsing nozzles and there is nowhere for sediments to pool. The outside is also very easy to clean.


The HARDI TurboFiller can handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High pressure water creates a powerful rotation inside the hopper, thoroughly mixing powder or liquid before it is sucked into the sprayer. Maximum capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

A spring-loaded bracket with transport lock lowers the TurboFiller to 95 cm above the ground for safe and easy use.

HC 9600

The HC 9600 controller puts all the main spray functions at your fingertips. The 12.1” touchscreen and connected multi-function joystick work together to provide the highest levels of precision and performance.

Features include guidance, data logging, application reports, GPS controlled spraying, automated steering and more!

ISOBUS ALPHA evo can be operated with a virtual ISOBUS terminal and use the intelligent functions like AutoWash and PrimeFlow direct from his own ISOBUS terminal.

ISOBUS technology is designed to standardize communication between tractors and implements and ensure compatibility of data between those mobile systems and the farm’s office software. Its basis is the international standard ISO 11783 “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – serial control and communication data network”.


AutoSectionControl automatically opens and closes boom section to avoid repeat spraying when passing over a sprayed area – such as in headland or while avoiding obstacles in the field.

HC 9600 has AutoSectionControl as a standard feature and only needs to be connected to a GPS receiver. When spraying, the AutoSectionControl automatically records the area sprayed then closes sections as the boom passes back over the same area.


The filling station FluidBox provides convenient control of the fluid system and works with the AutoAgitation, AutoFill and AutoWash systems.

It means all stationary  operations can be performed without entering the cabin, saving time and greatly reducing the risk of cab contamination.

Additional operations like Main ON/OFF, a useful feature when checking nozzles, can also be perfomed from the FluidBox.


The AutoWash feature gains maximum cleaning effect from the rinse water. Up to six rinse circles reduce  residual concentration to a very low level, so there is virtually no risk of left over chemicals contaminating the next spraying job.

AutoWash can be activated from the HC 9600 or the FluidBox controller.


The AutoFill function makes accurate tank filling easy for the operator:

  1. Read the actual tank content on the HC 9600 screen in the cabin.

  2. Set the fill volume on the HC 9600.

  3. Connect the hose at the work area and press start on the FluidBox.

  4. The SmartValve closes when the fill volume is reached

AutoAgitation / TankGauge

AutoAgitation is a standard feature with AutoFill and/or AutoWash.

When filling, AutoAgitation ensures maximum Fast-Filler capacity. The computer then regulates agitation to prevent foaming and minimise liquid residues as the tank is emptied. Different program can be selected for optimal agitation and a manual override is possible from the FluidBox.

TankGauge is an electronic tank contents sensor with which displays the tank content level on the HC 9600. A warning for low tank level can also be set up. This feature is included with AutoAgitation.


PrimeFlow is a pressure based system for curculating liquid to the nozzles before actual spraying starts. It prevents sedimentation and permits flushing the boom lines without spraying onto the ground.

Nozzles per boom section can be configured to the spray job, and these sections can be reconfigured as needed.

The controls are at the nozzle, which is ideal for making effective use of RinseTank water when cleaning the sprayer in the field.


The ultimate in capacity, weather independence and application technology.

When growing crops, the need to spray on time is often at odds with the prevailing winds and weather conditions.

Field-proven and continuously refined over almost 40 years, the HARDI TWIN system helps overcome the weather by using a curtain of high pressure air behind the spray nozzles. The operator can control of the speed and angle of this air, to cover the target plant from top to bottom. with minimal drift.

Boom management systems

The HARDI AutoSlant, AutoHeight and AutoTerrain systems automatically deliver optimum boom ride. Aong with more recise spraying this helps improve the life of the boom and sprayer through reduced movement forces and near-zero chance of ground strike.

The system also provides:

  1. Robust and precise ultrasonic sensors

  2. Choice of soil, crop or hybrid height modes

  3. Proportional valve for smooth movements (AutoHeight, AutoTerrain)

  4. Slant, tilt and height correction (AutoHeight, AutoTerrain)

  5. Slant and height correction (AutoSlant)

  6. AutoTerrain proactively responds to the causes of boom movement, rather than just the boom movement itself.

HARDI Paragon Aluminium

When it comes to aluminium boom experience and know-how, HARDI is the market leader.

With 30 years’ experience in optimising lighter, stronger and wider Pommier Aluminium boom set-ups we offer farmers real advantages in field performance, reliability and durability – as well as weight reduction.

With aluminium boom wings weighing half as much as an equivalent steel structure, and our expertise in setting up  Pommier Yaw dampening, the load and forces transferred to the centre during spraying are significantly reduced.

ALPHA evo is available with PARAGON booms from 24 to 44 m.

More time to spray

Spray drift from a conventional sprayer can be so strong that the operator has to stop before having the spray job done. Efficient drift control makes it much easier to get finished.

Typically, a farmer can gain twice as many hours of spraying with the TWIN system. In studies of a typical Spring season, only 31 days were suitale for conventional spraying while 45 additional days would be viable with TWIN.

TWIN means more spray opportunities, reduced drift, reduced chemical usage, accurate placement and faster spraying speeds – for improved efficiency.

RANGER can be operated with a 12 m or 15 m TWINSTREAM boom.

Save up to 30%

Many trials have shown a better chemical efficacy using TWIN, making it possible to reduce chemical consumption by up to 30% through a growing season.

  1. Save up to 30% on chemicals

  2. Reduce drift

  3. Improve crop penetration

  4. Improve spraying economy

  5. Reduce water consumption

  6. Safely increase spraying speeds

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