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HARDI Saritor


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NAME: HARDI SARITOR CAPACITY: 5500L BOOM WIDTH & TYPE: Pommier TR5 36.5 to 42.5m and B3 Mega 48.5m booms ENGINE: Cummins 275hp TRANSMISSION: Sauer-Danfoss H1 4WD hydrostatic transmission PUMP: 680l/min run dry centrifugal pump CONTROLLER TYPES: HC9600 all-in-one touch screen controller with auto swath, steer and height. air bag suspension. RINSE TANK SIZE: 600L AUTO TERRAIN: sets new standards in wide boom performance, maintaining a lower boom height and providing better drift control than other height control systems. ONRATE: is a powerful and pre-emptive pressure-based rate control system that


A capacity self-propelled sprayer with infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission, 5500 litre capacity and a crop clearance of 1.45m.

Hydraulically adjusted track width from 3 to 4m provides a large stable platform for boom stability. Four ride-level air bag suspension elements and hydraulic shock absorbers deliver smooth performance and exceptional operator comfort. A sturdy hydraulic fold down ladder and wide walkway with safety hand rails allows easy access to the cab. The cab is generous and uncluttered with ample room and exceptional all-round visibility.

Truly optimised spraying results come from combining the best sprayer with the best technology – and the best boom. SARITOR is a perfect partner for the POMMIER TR5 aluminium boom. Aluminium construction means wider booms weighs less, and POMMIER’S world-leading designs are incredibly strong and robust. Choose a TR5 in widths from 36.5 to 48.5m and see what really outstanding spraying looks like.

TR5, B3 Mega and TerraForce with AutoTerrain sets new standards in wide boom performance. AutoTerrain maintains a lower boom height and provide better drift control than other height control systems. The pre-emptive stability and auto height control system deals with the cause of boom movement. It seamlessly monitors roll through the centre and the height of the boom off the ground or crop. When a change is detected AutoTerrain simultaneously corrects the boom's position relative to the ground contour by angling it through the centre pendulum.

Pump pressure and flow is controlled by an infinitely variable proportional hydraulic valve which is up to 20 times faster than conventional flow meter controlled regulation systems. The on-board computer processes input data including forward speed, target rate and active boom sections in order to manage the pump speed.


Hardi Saritor

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